Refinance Credit Union



Refinance was initially established in 2011 by 11 physical entities whose purpose was to support its members in entrepreneurial activity, improving their economic situation via promoting their private businesses through small loans from the company. In April 2011 Refinance was registered as a credit union, limited liability company (Refinance CU shortly).


Refinance received a license from Central Bank of Azerbaijan for lending to its members in October 2011. After that Refinance started distributing its charter capital amounting about 300-30 000 USD  and AZN to members in Baku and villagies of Baku from October 2011. Nowadays Refinance has more than 400 members out of them 11 are founding members. All members are paying back on time.



Refinance’s vision is to become a sustainable financial institution that plays a considerable role in alleviating poverty in the country. 

Refinance’s mission is to offer demand driven lending services aimed at enhancing the livelihood of the members through promoting their viable enterprises. Refinance’s goal is members are independent of financial difficulties, take economic responsibility for their own life and develop their private business by using access to sustainable financial services. 

Refinance believes such core values as punctuality, transparency, cooperativeness, responsibility, flexibility will help the company to pursue its goals and objectives within life cycles of the company.

We invite you to learn more about our services and activities here on our website. not hesitate to contact us to provide more information. We are happy to support you and your business.


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